FKC-1 Air Bacteria Sampler

KC-1 Air Bacteria Sampler

Product parameters:

1. Temperature: 10-35°C
2. Relative humidity: 10-90 percent RH
3. Atmospheric pressure: 80-110kPa
4. Maximum dust concentration: 100000000 particles/m² @μm or 0.2mg/m²
Feature and Parameter:
1. Sampling inlet has many tiny holes to reduce puffball superposition and error ofanimalcule count
2. Sampling flow: 100L/min
3. Inlet impact speed: 0.38m/s basically the same as the speed of clean room. (isokinetic sampling)
4. Sampling quantity: can be set from 0 001~9.999m³
5. Standard dimension of culture dish: φ90*15
6. Power supply: DC16.8V chargeable battery which can supply 4hours power
7. Dimension: φ120*325
8. Weight: 4.0kg