WSL-2 Tintometer (Colorimeter/Levipond Tester)

Tintometer (Colorimeter/Levipond Tester) WSL-2

1. Visual measurement of color matching to determine material color, can measure oil, beer, painting, plastic, jam, textile, grains ect.
2. Design in conformity with internationally accepted color scale of Lovibond
3. Simple structure and easy to operate
1. Measurement range:
    Red R0.1-R79.9 Lovibond unit
    Yellow R0.1-R79.9 Lovibond unit
    Blue R0.1-R49.9 Lovibond unit
    Neutral 0.1-3.9 Lovibond unit
2. Minimum Reading: 0.1 Lovidond unit
3. G.W.: 11kg
4. Dimensions: 620mm X 440mm X 300mm