AMD008 Green Cross Laser Liner 3 Lines + UP/Down Dot

Green Cross Laser Liner 3 Lines + UP/Down Dot AMD008

1. Lens type: Single glass lens
2. Output Power: <5mw
3. Wavelength: Line Beam:532nm Plumb dot:650nm
4. Accuracy: ±1.0mm/5M
5. Angle of projection : Vertical>120° Horizontal>100°
6. Self-leveling range: ±3°
7. Out of Range: Flashing
8. Brake mode: Magnet
9. Function: 1 Horizontal Beam, 2 Vertical Beam, Up dot and Down dot
10. Power Supply: 4AA Batteries
11. Duration: 12 hours for single line
12. Operating temperature: 5°C ~45°C
13. Weight: Around 1.0kg (excl. batteries)
14. Exterior Size: φ130x186mm
15. Base: Rotary aluminum alloy base, with adjustable knob for line
16. Laser Class: IIIa
1. Suspended ceiling construction.
2. Partition construction.
3. Installation of electricity, air-conditioner and water pipes.
4. Marble and floorboard paving.
5. OA-related office decoration and measuring-related work where leveling and plumbing is needed.