AMF050M Power Monitor

AMF050M Power Monitor
When order please confirm the power plug, input power!
1. Measures various parameters: power (W), energy (kWh), volts, amps, hertz, power factor and maximum power (W), time, days – kWh is vital as this is what your electricity bills are based on.
2. Large, clear LCD display with backlight for easy reading (screen dimension: 45mm x 70mm).
3. Cumulative Kilowatt-Hour Monitor
4. Calculates electricity expenses
5. Electricity price setting by pressing COST, FUNCTION, UP and DOWN button according to the instructions
6. Set electricity price value which ranges 00.00COST/KWH ~99.99COST/KWH
7. Display volts, amps and wattage accurate to 3%
8. Low power consumption.
9. Built-in Battery (3.6V rechargeable batteries) backup – allows meter to be moved (and viewed) without losing readings.
1. Power consumption of the Power Meter Monitor 0.5W
2. Operating voltage: 120VAC, 230V
3. Frequency display: 50HZ or 60HZ
4. Operating current: max 15A
6. Wide voltage range: 110V~130V, 230V~250V
7.The set Wattage display (Watts) is 0W~9999W; but the real Wattage display (Watts) is 0~1800W
8. Timing display range: 0 second~9999 days
9. Voltage display range: 0V~9999V
10. Current display (amps): 0.000A~15.000A
11. Frequency display: 0Hz~9999Hz
12. Price display range: 0.00COST/KWH99.99COST/KWH
13.Total KWh and cost display: 0.000KWh-9999KWh, 0.00COST—-9999COST
14. Dimensions: Length = 155mm; Width = 70mm; Height = 45mm (not inc. pins)
15. Functioning indicator
It enjoys 7 display modes as below:
1. Time/Watt/Cost Display;
2. Time/Cumulative electrical quantity Display;
3. Time/Voltage/Frequency Display;
4. Time/Current/Power Factor Display;
5. Time/Minimum Power Display;
6. Time/Maximal Power Display;
7. Time/Price Display;