AMN55 Single Angle Gloss Meter

AMN55 Single Angle Gloss Meter
AMN55 universal gloss meter can meet standards of ISO2813, ASTMD523, DIN67530 and GB9754, GB9966, GB/T13891, it is widely used for:
1. Cars, household appliances, musical instruments, furniture and other industries: paint, paint surface gloss measurement.
2. Construction, decoration and other industries: the floor, marble, granite, ceramic tile surface gloss measurement.
3. Printing and packaging industry: ink, paper surface gloss measurement
4. Other industry needs to surface gloss measurement.

1. Spec.: Single 60°
2. Range: 0~99.9Gs resolution 0.1; 100~999Gs resolution 1
3. Error:  ±1.2Gs
4. Power: One AA alkaline battery
5. Measure Spot: 14x28mm
6. Condition: Temp.0~40°C Humidity≤85%
7. Size: 110x32x64mm
8. Standard board Size: 67x46x13mm
9. Weight: 180g