AMT-109 Digital Thermometer Hygro and Clock

AMT-109 Digital Thermometer Hygro and Clock
Display indoor temperature and humidity, outdoor temperature
Record the maximum, minimum temperature, and humidity
℃ and ℉ switchable
Temperature measure range:
Indoor: -10 to +50ºC (+14 to +122ºF)
Outdoor: -50 to +70ºC (-58 to +158ºF)
Humidity measure range: 20 to 99% RH
Accuracy: ±1C, ±5% RH
Power: 1.5V operate (AAA)
Max/min: display the maximum and minimum temperature and humidity, on set mode, it can add 1
Mode/set/clear: to set the time and alarm, clear the maximum and minimum memory
In/out: switch indoor and outdoor temperature display
ºC/ºF: switch Celsius and Fahrenheit display
FZ alert: on or off freeze alert