AMT-S01~21 Soxhlet Cellulose Extraction Thimbles

Soxhlet Cellulose Extraction Thimbles

The cellulose extraction thimbles are known  for their purity and consistent high quality. They can be used for Soxhlet Extraction to analyze fats and extract organic compounds.
Features and benefits:
1. Made of high-quality cellulose
2. Excellent mechanical strength and retention
3. Support accuracy and consistency

4. Can replace Whatman thimbles

Cat No External Dia. * Height Wall Thick. Packing
AMT-S01 17 x 33mm 1.0~1.5mm 25pcs/box
AMT-S02 19 x 90mm 1.5~2.0mm 25pcs/box
AMT-S03 22 x 60mm 1.5~1.75mm 25pcs/box
AMT-S04 26 x 60mm 1.5~2.0mm 25pcs/box
AMT-S05 27 x 80mm 1.5~2.0mm 25pcs/box
AMT-S06 28 x 100mm 1.5~2.0mm 25pcs/box
AMT-S07 30 x 60mm 1.5~1.75mm 25pcs/box
AMT-S08 30 x 80mm 1.75~2.0mm 25pcs/box
AMT-S09 30 x 100mm 1.5~2.0mm 25pcs/box
AMT-S10 33 x 80mm 1.5~2.0mm 25pcs/box
AMT-S11 34 x 80mm 1.5~2.0mm 25pcs/box
AMT-S12 36 x 80mm 1.5~2.0mm 25pcs/box
AMT-S13 36 x 94mm 2.0~2.5mm 25pcs/box
AMT-S14 36 x 100mm 2.0~2.5mm 25pcs/box
AMT-S15 37 x 130mm 2.5~3.0mm 25pcs/box
AMT-S16 41 x 150mm 2.5~3.0mm 25pcs/box
AMT-S17 58 x 170mm 2.5~3.0mm 25pcs/box
AMT-S18 70 x 240mm 2.5~3.0mm 25pcs/box
AMT-S19 80 x 200mm 2.5~3.0mm 25pcs/box
AMT-S20 80 x 250mm 2.5~3.0mm 25pcs/box
AMT-S21 95 x 250mm 2.5~3.0mm 25pcs/box