AMT215 Retroreflecometer for Traffic Sign

AMT215 Retroreflecometer for Traffic Sign
AMT215 is a new type of portable road traffic safety testing equipment. It is used to measure the retroreflective optical characteristics of various reflective safety signs and adapt to road traffic reflective products. On-site inspection and inspection of vehicle safety reflective products such as traffic signs and safety garments, safety production marks.
1. Advanced optical measurement system.
2. High-bright LCD Display to show  the measured data.
3. Parameter, date, time, testing site and other system information can be preset.
4. Reset and adjust measurement standard automatically.
5. Automatic verification zero and calibration measurement standard.
6. Input system: handwriting or using soft keyboard.
7. Support storing more than 99,999 test data information, including, measurement data, operator, road section information and testing time, etc.;
8. Intelligent standby management. Turn off  the display system when you stop operate the detector.
9. Support 8G SD card data storage and support data storage in Excel format, and the data can be exported to the computer through U disk;
10. Low illumination and high sensitive photoelectric measuring device.
11. High  precision  and  stability  analog  data  acquisition  and  A/D converting circuit.
12. Low power consumption and high reliability main control unit and calculate system.
13. Battery is permitted to replace by new ones in short time.
14. Standby charging is allowed.
1. Testing term: Retro reflectance (cd/lx/㎡)
2. Testing range: 0~1999
3. Entrance angle: -4° or 5°
4. Observation angle: 0.2°, 0.33°, 0.5°, or 1°
5. Illumination: Standard illuminant A
6. Testing spot diameter: 32mm
7. Indication error: ≦2%
8. Standby time: >8h
9. Built-in power capacity: 2000mA.h
10. Data storage space: 8GB
11. Charge Voltage: DC5V
12. Operating Temperature: -10~60℃
13. Operating Humidity: <95%RH non-condensing
14. Size: 200×230×70MM (L×H×W)
15. Weight: around 1.5kg