AMT325 5 in 1 Multifunction Gauge

AMT325 5 in 1 Multifunction Gauge
AC Live Wire + Metal Detect + Stud Detect + Distance Measure + Level Marking
1. Construction and indoor decoration
2. Home appliances (such as air conditioners) installation
3. Structure detecting for wood furniture
4. Manufacturing doors and windows
5. Inspection and evaluation of real agent
6. Garden virescence, fair disposal
1. Generate a red base line on the surface of object
2. Single or dynamic continuous measuring functions
3. Detecting wood joists behind the wall
4. Detecting AC live wire, with indication function
5. Detecting Metal
6. Automatic calculation of room area、volume
7. Laser pointer and level bubble assistant for location
8. Memory and accumulation function
9. Current room temperature display
10. Automatical calibration for detecting function
11. Large LCD Screen
12. LED backlight function
13. Sound indication the detecting result
14. Automatic turn-off for electricity saving
15. Push pins for fixation
16. Easy to operate and convenient to carry