AMT38 Air Compressor Airbrush Kit with Tank

AMT38 Air Compressor Airbrush Kit with Tank
1. Piston type, oil free, none air polluted.
2. It can start with pressure, continuous working, powerful.
3. Air tank, providing smooth air flow, zero pulse.
4. Safety protected devices for air tank.
5. Air pressure gauge, air filter, pressure adjustable.
6. Much Safer! Thermally protected! It will turn off automatically when the power over heated.
7. Low noise, 47db.
8. GS, CE, ETL, CETL, ROHS Approved.
1. Power: 1/5HP
2. Voltage: 220~240V 50Hz; 110~120V 60Hz; 220V 60Hz
3. Air output: 23-25L/min
4. Auto stop, start at 3bar, stop at 4bar (special pressure available)
5. Safety valve: release the air pressure automatically when the pressure over 6bar in the air tank
6. Max.pressure: 6.5Bar/95Psi
7. Air tank: 3.0L
8. Fitting: manometer; pressure regulator; air filter
9. With connection 1/8  BSP
10. Weight: 5.0kg
11. Dimension: 310x135x310mm
12. Electric Cable: 1.8m
1. Air Compressor 1pcs
2. Air hose: 1pcs
3. Airbrush AB-130  1pcs
4. Airbrush AB-135  1pcs
5. Airbrush AB-138  1pcs
6. Airbrush Holder   1pcs