AMT507 Colorimeter (Color Difference Meter)

Colorimeter (Color Difference Meter) AMT507

1. Button & menu operation, easy to understand, reasonable price.
2. Commonly used of two measurement modes: Lab& Lch , easy to switch measurement.
3. Automatically display the color difference between the sample and standard sample, also display the color trend degree.
4. The color difference software can analysis, exchange the color difference graph and data.
5. The optional Micro-printer can output the color difference data in time.
1. Color matching in injection and quality control in production process
2. Color-difference detection and color-difference batch control in printing process
3. Color-difference analysis of spray paint surface and electroplate surface
4. Color-difference of different areas of the metal treating surface
5. Quality control in color difference in sample and the product
6. Color difference inspection of batch products in outdoors
7. On-line monitoring of color difference in production process
1. Illuminant/light system: 45/0
2. Measuring aperture: Ø8mm
3. Display model: L*a*b*、L*C*H*、∆E*ab、∆(L*a*b*), ∆(L*C*H*)
4. Operating language: Chinese or English
5. Measurement model: Single mode, Average mode
6. Standard illuminant: D65
7. Observe: 10°
8. Repeatability: Standard deviation: within △E*ab:0.1 (When the white calibration plates is measured 30 times, and averaged)
9. Response Time: 2 seconds
10. Power source: 4 AA-size battery or AC adapter
11. Operating temperature: 0-40℃ (32-104℉); Relative humidity 85% or less
12. Size (WxHxD): 110 ×60 ×190mm
13. Weight: 310g (Without batteries)
14.Standard Accessories: Bag, Protection cap, Software, AC adapter, USB cable, Istrument, Hard case.
15. Optional accessory: Micro-printer
Difference for AMT506, AMT507 (see bold part)
1. Data Storage: AMT506 has, AMT507 no
2. Display mode
3. Standard illuminant
4. Calibration: AMT506 has, AMT507 no
5. Repeatability