AMT561:4mm;AMT562:8mm;AMT563:16mm Precision Colorimeter

Precision Colorimeter  AMT561: 4mm; AMT562: 8mm; AMT563: 16mm

These colorimeter is a high precision, high stability, versatile colorimeter. It has three measuring light sources (D50, D65 and F11), two color modes (CIE1976LAB, CIELCH), a color difference formula (△ E * ab); two languages patterns (Simplified Chinese and English) and 3 measuring calibers to choose. It has a greater capacity of data storage space, you also can add mini-printers to do real-time printing measurement data. It can be used with standard color analysis system software.
1. The 4mm caliber version AMT561 is a specially designed, especially for a small area, arc and other special surface type measuring cost-effective precision colorimeter. In a small device, small parts, arc exceptional color quality of face detection to bring great convenience for the user.
2. The 8mm caliber version AMT562 is a universal colorimeter, considering all walks of life and general method of detecting the color to apply customary and considered a variety of materials in the measurement of the measurement aperture size requirements and developed. its versatility and its own tiny difference between units, measurement stability for all sectors for the industry, cross-industry color exchange offer great convenience and trustworthy and reliability.
3. The 16mm caliber version AMT563 precision version to measure the texture of the object exists, pitting, or the measured surface grainy relatively strong or relatively large size of the measured object, or test soft and pop-up object.
1. Display Mode: CIELAB, CIELCH
2. Color Difference Formula: △E*ab
3. Illumination Condition: CIE Recommendation: 8/d
4. Light Source: LED blue excitation
5. Sensor: Photodiode array
6. Measurement Caliber: φ4mm/φ8mm/φ16mm Alternative; Observer: CIE 10°Standard observer
7. Measurement Condition: Light source: D50 D65 F11(TL84); Contain light way: SCI SCE
8. Measurement Range L: 0 to 100
9. Repeated Accuracy: △E<0.05 (take the deviation average after 30 times measuring the whiteboard)
10. Table Difference △E<0.2
11. Measurement Interval: 0.5 Sec.
12. Storage Capacity: Type sample data: 100 with testing sample data: 200
13. Language Patterns: English/Simplified Chinese
14. Battery Charging Time: 8 hrs
15. Battery Li-ion battery, 5000 times Measurement
16. Lifetime of Bulb: 5 years more than 1.6 million measurements
17. Display Screen: TFT true color 2.8inch@(16:9) Resolution ratio: 400×240
18. Interface of External: USB2.0 data communication with color analysis system software RS-232 (115200bps) connected with micro printer
19. Weight: 700g
20. Size: 199*68*90mm; Size of Exterior Package: 400*240*340mm
21. Optional Accessories Flour measuring device/Liquid measuring device/Micro printer