AOP50 is an optical fiber splicing device design for FTTH. Lightweight and compact makes it is easy to use even in confined space. The novel fiber imaging system makes the image clearer. The real-time embeded Operating System provides a friendly man-machine interface and abundant functions. The built-in large capacity Li-Ion battery can support long-time field work. The real-time compensation system for temperature, humidity and air pressure has greatly enhanced the device against unfavorable environment changes and thus guarantees its consistency of low loss splicing in various environments.
Main Features:
1. Not only use for FTTH, but also use for general project of optical fiber splicing;
2. Precise optical fiber core alignment, guarantee low loss splicing;
3. Small in size, lightweight: only 2.8kg with battery;
4. Takes only 8 seconds for splicing,25 seconds for pyrocondensation;
5. Simultaneous display of X/Y axis; zoom in up to 304 times original size;
6. Can set automatic start of splicing or of pyrocondensation upon close of the cover;
7. Real time discharging for adjustment; no need for further adjustment;
8. Electrode has a long life; discharging times up to 4000;
9. With USB and VGA ports;
10. 5.7 inch digital high resolution LCD;
11. Built-in high capacity battery, which enables up to 220 times of splicing and heating;
12. Precise real-time display of remaining battery capacity;
1. Applicable Fiber: SMF (ITU-T G.652), MMF (ITU-T G.651), DSF (ITU-T G.653), NZDSF
2. Average Splicing Loss: 0.02dB(SM), 0.01dB(MM), 0.04dB(DS), 0.04dB(NZDS)
3. Return Loss: <-60dB
4. Operation Mode: Auto, Half auto, Manual
5. Align Mode: Advanced PAS align mode.
6. Fiber Diameter: optical fiber cable, SC/ST connector, coating diameter 0.25mm and 0.9mm of the common optical fiber
7. Cleave Length: 8*16mm
8. Magnification: Vertical 152times,horizontal 304times.
9. Image Display: 5.7′, 640*480 LCD.
10. Pull Test: Standard 2N (optional).
11. Pyrocondensation Tube: 40mm, 60mm and a series of micro Heat-Shrinkable Tubing.
12. Battery Capacity: Typically splice 220 times, charging for 3.5 hour (available when charge).
13. Battery Life: Cycle life up to 300~500 times, replaceable.
14. Electrode Life: >4000 times, replaceable
15. Lighting for Construction: Built-in super High-brightness LED supply convenient for night work
16. Ports: USB, VGA
17. Power Supply: Built in 11.1V Lithium Ion Battery. AC adopter (input AC100~240,output DC13.5V/4.5A)
18. Environment: Temperature:-10~50˚C;Humidity:95%RH (40˚C,no condensing); Altitude:0~5000m
19. Size: 160x150x140mm
20. Weight: 2.3kg (no battery), 2.8kg (including battery)