BS03 Explosion Proof Gas Detector and Transmitter Serials

Explosion Proof Gas Detector and Transmitter BS03 Serials

Steelworks, Petrochemical plants, Shipyards, Water treatment plants, Mines, Power plants, Food industry etc.
1. BS03 measures the concentration of the flammable gas, toxic gas, oxygen and VOCs
2. Explosion proof structure
3. Water and dust proof design
4. Segment display to indicate readings in 4 digits
5. 3 LED lights to indicate Fault, Low alarm and High alarm
6. IR remote control for setting and calibration (Optional)
1. Measuring Gas:
    1) Combustible: Catalytic sensor / NDIR sensor
    2) Toxic gas & O2: Electrochemical sensor
    3) CO2 gas: NDIR sensor
    4) VOCs: PID sensor
2. Measuring Range: Refer to gas list
3. Measuring accuracy: ±5%F.S.
4. Sensor Life:
    1) Catalytic sensor: 3 years
    2) Electrochemical : 2 years (1 year for O2 sensor)
    3) NDIR sensor: 5 years
    4) PID sensor: 0.6 to 1 year
5. Measuring Type: Diffuse naturally
6. Response Time:
   1) Catalytic sensor: T90≤30s
   2) Electrochemical: T90≤60s
   3) NDIR sensor: T90≤10s
   4) PID sensor: T90≤10s
7. Signal Output: 4-20mA
8. Alarm Output Signal: 2 programmable relays
9. Cable / Distance: 1.5MM2, 3 wire, shielded,1000m (maximum)
10. Conduit Connection: G3/4”
11. Mounting Type: Wall mounted
12. Working Temperature: Toxic gas: -20℃~+50℃; Combustible: -40℃~+70℃
13. Working Humidity: ≤95%RH (no condensation)
14. Operation Voltage: DC24V±25%
15. Consumption: <2W
16. Ingress Protection: IP65
17. Housing Material: Chamber: Aluminum alloy; Sensor Cover: Stainless steel
18. Dimension and Weight: 162 x 208 x 103.5mm, about 2.1kg
19. Approval: II 2G   Ex db IIC T6 Gb
Gas Available:
CO, H2S, NH3, O2, Cl2, HCN, CIO2, C2H4O, C3H3N, NO, NO2, PH3, SO2, H2, C4H8S, COCL2, HF, F2, HCl, HBr, VOC, Ben2E, CH4, LPG, CnHm, C6H6-CH, C2H2, CnHmOH, FC
When order please inform us the gas tested and range