BTT-2880 Belt Tension Tester

Belt Tension Tester BTT-2880
1. This Belt Tension Tester used the exclusive Micro-computer LSI circuit   and crystal   time base to offer high accuracy measurement.
2. It can be used to measure and adjust the tension of timing and auxiliary belts fitted   to motor vehicles and other machines.
3. Tension can be displayed in a variety of standard and manufacturers’ units.
4. Tension limits can be set into the instrument, either manually or automatically.   During belt tension measurement and adjustment, the belt tension is displayed. A visual and audible indication of whether the tension is within or outside the set limits is also given. This avoids the user having to read the display whilst adjusting the belt.
5. The selected tension limits, measurement units and calibration parameters are stored in The memory of the tester, and will be remembered even when the instrument is switched off and the batteries removed.
6. Use USB/RS-232 data output to connect with PC.
7. Provide Bluetooth data output choice.
Note: Tension checking should always be carried out in accordance with the vehicle manufacturers’ instructions.
1. Display: LCD
2. Tension Indicator: Colored LED Indication of High, Low and OK
3. Measurement Range: 0~750N (Newtons); 0~120lb (Pounds); 0~77kg (Kilograms); 0~114Seems
4. Belt Width: Up to 36mm
5. Overload Alarm: 750N
6. Maximum Load: 850N
7. Resolution: ±1 (Least Significant Digit of Units)
8. Accuracy: ±5% of full-scale
9. Data Output: USB, RS-232, Bluetooth
10. Audible Warning: Piezoelectric Sounder
11. Power Supply: 4×1.5V AAA (UM-4) Battery
12. Dimensions: 135x62x33mm
13. Weight: 335g (Not Including Batteries)
14. Optional Accessories: RS-232C Cable with Software; Bluetooth Data Adapter with Software