Chlorophyll Meter MC-100

MC-100 Chlorophyll Meter
This plant leaf chlorophyll meter can measure the plant’s relative chlorophyll content (unit SPAD) or “greenness level” so that you can know the plant’s actual nitro requirement and help you understand whether the soil nitro deficiency level or whether nitrogen fertilizer is being applied too much.
You can use this instrument to increase the utilization of nitrogen fertilizer and protect the environment (prevent environmental pollution, especially water pollution, by applying too much nitrogen fertilizer).
Working Principle:
1. Two LED light sources emit two kinds of light, one is red light (650nm), and the other is infrared light (940nm). Two kinds of light penetrate the blade and hit the receiver.
2. The light signal is converted into an analog signal. The analog signal is amplified and converted into a digital signal by an analog/digital converter.
3. The digital signal is processed by the microprocessor and the SPAD value is calculated and displayed on the LCD screen.
4. High Sensitivity: The measurement time interval is less than 3 seconds.
Technical Datas:
1. Measurement range:
    1) Chlorophyll: 0.0~99.9SPAD;
    2) Nitrogen content: 0.0~99.9mg/g;
    3) Leaf surface humidity: 0.0~99.9RH%;
    4) Leaf surface temperature: -10~99.9℃
2. Measurement area: 2mm*2mm
3. Measurement accuracy: within 1 SPAD units (0.0-50.0 SPAD under normal temperature and humidity).
4. Repeatability within +-0.3 SPAD units (0.0-50.0 SPAD measurement position unchanged)
5. Data storage medium: SD card storage
6. Data storage capacity: 2GB
7. Power: 4.2V rechargeable lithium battery
8. Battery capacity: 800MAH
9. Weight: 260g
10. Product Size: 140 x 85 x 45mm