CS-2X Tablet Friability Tester

CS-2X Tablet Friability Tester
Friability tester is used to test the physical properties of non-coated tablets in mechanical stability, abrasion resistance collision resistance and so on in the process of production, packaging and storage; it can also test the friable condition of tablet coating and capsules.
1. Single path and double cylinder, synchronous operation and automatic stop.
2. LCD for the instrument, displaying the preset value and real-time value through time division.
3. The number of turns and rotating speed adopt the standard of Pharmacopeia, dispensing with modification, which enables the operation to be simple and convenient.
Technical Specifications:
1. Number of cylinder: 2
2. Rotating speed:  25 times/min
3. Rotating accuracy: ±1 time /min
4. Counting mode: 100 turns can be set arbitrarily; countdown is adopted.
5. Inner diameter of cylinder: 286mm
6. Cylinder depth: 39mm
7. Sliding height: 156mm
8. Power supply: 220V50Hz
9. Total power: 20W
10. Overall dimensions: L*W*H(370mm *300mm *340mm)