D3024R High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge

D3024R High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge
1. User-friendly large LCD display provides all visual information
2. Quiet and stable operation benefit lab environment
3. Brushless motor drives quickly and effortlessly accelerates the rotor to set speed
4. Fully autoclavable Bio-safe rotor
5. Dual door interlock design, more safe
6. Powerful cooling system guarantee 4℃ at maximum speed
7. High performance price ratio and cost effective operation
1. Max. Speed: 15000rpm (300~15000rpm), increment:10rpm
2. Max. RCF: 21380×g, increment:10×g
3. Rotor: 2ml×24, 0.5ml×36, PCR8 serial tube
4. Run Time: 30sec~99min~HOLD (Continuous operation)
5. Temperature Range: -20℃~40℃
6. Refrigerant: HFC134a
7. Driving Motor: Brushless Motor
8. Safety Devices: Door Interlock, Over-Speed/Over-Temperature Detector, Automatic Internal Diagnosis
9. Power: Single-Phase, 220v~240v,50Hz/60Hz,10A; 110v~120v,50Hz/60Hz,10A
10. Dimensions: (L)338 × (W)580 × (H)324mm
11. Weight: 30kg
12. Additional Features: Speed/Acceleration switch, Short-Time Run Function, sound-alert Function