DDSJ-308F Professional Conductivity Meter

Professional Conductivity Meter DDSJ-308F

1. It can perform measurement of conductivity, resistance, TDS, salinity and temperature.
2. It has functions of automatic temperature compensation, automatic switch of calibration, measuring range and frequency. Also, power- off protection function is included.
3. It supports calibration of cell constant and TDS factor.
4. It adopts dot-matrix LCD and backlight display and light-touch keys.
5. It can view, print and delete stored data. Up to 200 sets of measuring data can be saved.
6. It has USB interface. If matched with specific communication software, the meter can be connected with computer.
7. It can be used with titanium alloy electrode and sealing groove for measurement of high pure water.
Accuracy grade:0.5
1. Measuring range: Conductivity: 0.000us/cm ~199.9mS/cm; Resistance: 5.00Ω.cm~20.00MΩ.cm; TDS:0.000mg/L~99.9g/L; Salinity: 0.00~8.00%
2. Resolution: Temperature: 0.1°C
3. Accuracy: Conductivity:±0.5%(FS); Resistance:±0.5%(FS); TDS: ±0.5%(FS); Salinity: ±0.1%; Temperature: ±0.2°C
4. Manual/automatic Temperature compensation range: 0.0~40.0°C
5. Power supply: DC adapter (9V,DC,800mA,inside positive and outside negative)
6. Size: 280x215x92mm
7. Weight: 2kg