DDSJ-318 Professional Conductivity Meter

Professional Conductivity Meter DDSJ-318

1. This conductivity meter can measure conductivity, resistivity, TDS (total dissolved solids), salinity and temperature of the current solution.
2. It applies microprocessor-based technology and functions as automatic temperature compensation, auto-calibration, auto measuring range switch can be supported.
3. The user can calibrate the electrode constant or TDS conversion coefficient. It supports two-point calibration.
4. The stored data can be displayed by graphics and can be viewed, printed and deleted.
5. This conductivity meter allows the user to review current measuring data and the last calibration data.
6. It contains three kinds of measuring modes: Continuous measurement, timed measurement and balance measurement which can meet different measuring requirements.
7. This conductivity meter uses a 5.7 inch large touch screen, RS-232 and USB interface. With data collecting software, it can be communicated with PC.
Range Conductivity 0.055μS/cm~199.9mS/cm (full range measuring, no need to exchange electrode)
Resistivity 5.00Ω·cm~18.25MΩ·cm
TDS 0.000 mg/L~100g/L
Salinity 0.00~8.00%
Temperature -5.0~135.0°C
Accuracy Conductivity ±0.5%FS
Resistivity ±0.5%FS
TDS ±0.5%FS
Salinity ±0.1%
Temperature ±0.3°C
Resolution Conductivity 0.001μS/cm
Resistivity 0.01Ω·cm
TDS 0.001 mg/L
Salinity 0.01%
Temperature 0.1°C
Temp compensation Manual/Auto -5.0~135.0°C
Temp coefficient Adjustable
Calibration May calibrate electrode constant or TDS switch coefficient. Support two-point calibration
Measuring mode Continuous, timed, balance
Data storage 1500 data with time-and-date for GLP compliance(to display measuring result in diagram directly)
View, delete and print Yes
Output RS-232, USB
Software 1.1DC
Power Adapter (9V DC, 800mA)
Sipping package 370x310x340mm, 4kg