Digital Concrete Test Hammer AMT156

Digital Concrete Test Hammer AMT156
1. Integrated wireless structure of the test hammer host and the displayer part. Easy to carry and make work efficient.
2. OLCD displayer, English interface and friendly operation.
3. Using sensitive operation touch keys. The keys are not easy to aging.
4. Automatic recording function improves the efficiency of measurement.
5. Adopting non-contact reflection grating sensor, maximum avoid machine attrition and poor contact in traditional technologies such as contact way or potentiometer way, high precision, long service life, and the traditional pointer scale is kept.
6. The instrument is powered by a built-in rechargeable lithium battery, which can operate continuously for more than 10 hours
7. Large storage capacity, more than 200 standard components, a standard component including almost 50 test areas, one test areas including 16 test pointes, completely meet the request of long time in site test.
8. Testing parameters can be typed in test site.
9. Adopting USB interface, as U flash disk, no need special driver.
10. Have real-time clock calendar function, can automatically record test date.
11. Advanced low power consumption function, can set display backlight level, auto dormancy, and automatic turn off.
1. Data processing standard: Submit to JGJ/T23-2011.
2. Standard impact energy: 2.207J
3. Tension spring stiffness: 785N/m
4. Stroke of impact hammer: 75mm
5. Test value when calibrated on test anvil:  80 ± 2
6. Bounds on error: ≤±0.5 (the differences between displayer and rider)
7. Display screen: 128 x 64 resolution, 3 levels of backlighting adjustable.
8. Data storage capacity: 200 standard components (50 testing areas per component)
9. Power consumption: The biggest backlight ≈ 200mA
10. Sleeping current: 0.8mA
11. Communication port with PC: USB2.0
12. N.W: ≈1.1 Kg