Digital Walking Distance Meter MW100

Measures up to 9,999.9 Meters/Feet/Yards
Bright Orange “Safety” Colour
99.9% Measuring Accuracy
Large LCD display for easy reading
Handy Start/Stop Mode (prevents accidental measurements)
“Smart Wheel” (automatically includes wheel radius for accurate wall-to-wall measurements)
Units conversion: Meters/Feet/Yards
Auto power off after 3 minutes
*Wheel size: 0.314 meter(12-23/64″) circumference; 0.1 meter(3-15/16″) diameter
*Measure range: 99,999.9 meters/feet/yards
*Wheel Accuracy: 99.9%
*Wheel Composition: High-impact plastic; TPE rubber tire
*Maximum Speed: 13Km/h
*Product Weight: 0.5kgs
*Length (extended): 1100mm
*Length (contracted): 520mm
*Power: 4 x AAA Duracell batteries
*Battery Life: Approx.400+ hours of actual usage
*Auto Shut-off: 3 min.
*Keypad: 5 keys
*Operating Temperature: 14-140˚ F (-10-60˚ C)
*Display Type: LCD segment; 6 digits (up to 99,999.9)*Accuracy: 99.9% measuring accuracy