Eddy Current Electrical Conductivity Tester AMC-002

Eddy Current Electrical Conductivity Tester AMC-002
It is a kind of eddy current electrical conductivity meter, which is designed for quick & convenient measurement of material property, such as material separate, quality control, material state check and so on. It uses the electromagnetism testing principle. Testing objects focus on non-ferromagnetic material.
1. Test the conductivity of aluminum, copper and other non-ferrous magnetic metal in the processing industry.
2. In the aerospace and automotive industries, monitor the process of heat treatment, the strength and hardness of aluminum alloy.
3. Test the conductivity aluminum when it has not been oxidized.
4. Test the purity grade of materials.
5. Test materials resistivity.
6. Material Thermal Performance analysis.
1. The meter uses 60 KHz (aviation industry standard) to inspirit, and the testing data can be read in two kinds of unit: % IACS or MS/m.
2. Its big typeface, the back light illumination designs are advantageous for users to take the testing data even in low light condition.
3. Two kinds of operate languages satisfy different national demand.
4. It uses the high property battery to make sure it keeps more running time, and because of its mini-size, it is easy to carry and to grasp hold.
5. The design of the meter is more advantages: user can replace the probe in the outdoor, don’t need to return to the company to adjust the probe into matching the meter.
6. It can store 1000 measurement data.
1. Measurement technology: Eddy current
2. Operating frequency: 60KHz, 240KHz
3. Display screen: 240X320 pixels TFT-LCD; 4 kinds of background color
4. L*B*H: 180*80*30 mm
5. Instrument case: Anti-intense impact, water-proofing polyester.
6. Weight: 260g
7. Power supply: high capacity, high performance lithium polymer battery
8. Measuring range:
    1) Conductivity: 6.9%IACS~110%IACS; (4.0MS/m~64MS/m)
    2) Resistivity: Correspond the Conductivity
9. Distinguishing rate: 0.01% IACS; 0.000001Ω·(mm)2/m
10. Measuring accuracy: 0°C to 50°C; 0~23%IACS: ±0.1%IACS; 23%IACS~110%IACS: ±0.3%IACS
11. Temperature compensation: Automatic compensation to the value of 20°C.
12. Normal work environment: Relative humidity: 0~95%; Operating temperature: 0°C~50°C
13. Language: English/Chinese
14. Fitting: Portable box; probe; probe in cable; operating manual; conductivity standard sample; adapter.
15. Probe:
      1) Diameter:12.7mm; Applicable to minimum measuring area diameter at 60KHz is10mm, standard.
      2) Diameter: 8mm; Applicable to minimum measuring area diameter at 240KHz is 7mm, optional.
Note: The conductivity measurements automatically rectified to the value at 20°C。