FM-204-100K Digital Force Gauge

Digital Force Gauge FM-204-100K

* High accuracy and high resolution.
* Digital display with no guessing or errors.
* With 4 measurement unit for selection and conversion, N, kg, lb, g.
* With peak value hold function.
* With 10 minutes auto power off and manual power off.
* Power can be supplied by either alkaline battery or 6V DC power.

Force Range : ±100 kgf
                        ±980 N
                        ±220 Lbf
Resolution : 0.01 kgf
                    0.1 N
                    0.1 Lbf
Accuracy : ±0.5%FS±1Digit
Unit : kgf,gf,N,Lbf
Measurement State : Peak Value Measurement,Real Time Measurement
Display : 2 Reversed 4Digit LCD
Power Off : 10 Minutes Auto Power Off, Manual Power Off
Backlight : Blue Backlight
Safe Load : 150%FS(Buzzer Alarm Over 110%FS)
Power Supply : 2X1.5 AA(UM-3)Battery or 6VDC Power Supply
Operating : Temperature:0~40ºC
Conditions : Humidity:<80%
Surrounding : No Vibration Source or Corrosive Medium Around
Weight : 390g
Size : 211x80x36mm