GED-2600P Engine Tachometer

Engine Tachometer GED-2600P

* Non-contacting detection enables an easy and safe measurement.
* It assures an accurate measurement because the signal indicator shows how the signal is captured.
* Accurate rotational speed can be obtained in 0.1 or 1 r / min unit.
* When the battery runs out or the voltage drops, the battery signal at the lower left corner of the display panel lights up.
* The four-digit LCD is suitable for out-door meaurement.
* Compact, light weight and easy-to-carry, enabling one-hand measurement.

Model GED-2600 GED-2600P
Application 2-circle 1,2,3,4-cylinder
4-circle 1,2,3,4,5,6,8-cylinder
Range Engine 100~20,000 r/min 100~9,999 r/min
Laser 2.5~99,999 r/min ——
Engine Electromagnetic Induction
Laser Reflection ——
Engine 10~200 mm ——
Laser 50~500 mm,Max 2 m ——
Resolution 0.1/1
Accuracy ±(0.05%n+1d)
Memory Max / Min / Last Value ——
Operating Condition Temperature:0~50ºC
Power Supply 4×1.5V AA(UM-3) 2×1.5V AAA(UM-4)
Dimensions 178x68x39 mm 97x35x25 mm
Weight 164g(Without Batteries) 65g(Without Batteries)
Standard Accessories Main Unit
Reflective Tape 350mm ——
External Antenna ——
Carrying Case(B01) Leather Bag(B07)
Operation Manual