Grains Moisture Meter WILE 55

Wile 55 is the best selling moisture meter. It can measure a wide range of moisture, Grain 8~35% and Oil Seeds 5~25 %. Wile 55 is the basic tool for precise quick measurement of grain moisture. It has an easy-to-read LCD display. The user can adjust calibration to match the readings with another meter.
Wile 55 has an automatic temperature compensation that utilises the internal temperature sensors for both grain and the temperature of the device itself.
Technical Data
1. Pre-calibrated for 16 crops covering all the main areas. P1: Soft Wheat; P2: Hard Wheat; P3: Rice; P4: Paddy; P5: Corn; P6: High moisture content corn; P7: Barley; P8: Alfalfa; P9: Sun flower seed; P10: Peanut; P11: Wheat flour; P12: Mung bean; P13: Soya bean; P14: Sorghum; P15: Seasame; P16: Rapeseed.
2. Only need about 5 seconds to test.
3. Measurement range:
• Grain 8–35 %
• Corn 8-41 %
• Oilseeds 5–25 %
4. Accuracy: +/-0.5% humidity in normal conditions
Benefits of the Wile 55
– Capacitive measurement method
– Measures whole grain samples – no need to grind down samples
– Automatic temperature compensation so accurate even with warm grain
– Average calculation of multiple measurements
– Scale can be adjusted to match the oven test/commercial grain elevators
– Measurement by pushing a single button
– Easy to read numeric display
– Quick guide on the side sticker
– Automatic power off