GS009 Photoelectronic Smoke Alarm

Photoelectronic Smoke Alarm GS009

Order No.:
-GS009-1: 2 wire, 12~35V, Alarm current 70ua max
-GS009-2: 2 wire, 12~35V, Alarm current 70ua max, led remote
-GS009-3: 4 wire, 10.2~13.8V, Alarm current 35ua max, alarm contact N/C or N/O
-GS009-4: 4 wire, 20.4~27.6V, Alarm current 35ua max, alarm contact N/C or N/O
1. Advanced photoelectric smoke sensing technology
2. Durable sensor head; excellent smoke access
3. AR (auto reset) function for security systems (optional for 4 wire models)
4. N/C (normal/close)-N/O (normal/open) selectable relay output
5. Easy installation and maintenance
6. Modern design (white and beige colors)
7. Freq.:3~5 sec
1. Smoke sensitivity: EN 54-5/7:2000 standard
2. Detection range: 100 square meters rating for smoke sensor; 50 square meters rating for heat sensor
3. Start-up current: 70ua maximum
4. Alarm impedance: for 2-wire models: 100Ω+3v max; 560Ω+3v max (red led open circuit)
5. Alarm indicator: led continuously emitting red light
6. Temperature range: -10°C to 50°C
7. Remote output: 15 ma max, diode gate
8. Humidity: 0 to 95% rh, non condensing
9. Alarm contact: for 4-wire: n/o or n/c operation
10. Form a: 1.0a@30vdc/0.5a@125vac
11. Dimensions: 10 (dia) x 46mm (ht) with base
12. Weight: 130g/set with base