GY-4 Digital Fruits Hardness Tester,Penetrometer,Sclerometer

GY-4 Digital Fruit Hardness Tester,Penetrometer,Sclerometer
GY-4: tester
GY-4S: optional stand
GY-4 Series fruit penetrometer special for inspecting the hardness of the fruits, such as banana, apple, pear, strawberry, grape and so on. Judging the harness and mature of the fruits will good for breed, deposited, export, transport, machining, etc. They are widely used for fruit research department, fruit company, fruit farm, college and so on.
Do not apply excessive load than rated, should sensor be damaged, and further heavy load is applied, parts may be broken, which may cause accident.
1. high accuracy and resolution;
2. peak hold function;
3. peak automatic clearance function;
4. Tolerance limit(up and down limit);
5. automatic power off function;
6. 3 units available
7. full range 150% overload;
8. reset acceleration of gravity function;
9. LCD screen turn direction function;
10. large memory(896 value data);
11. inductive background light;
12. With output signal to control motorized test stand;
13. RS-232C to USB Port: Match synchronous analysis software, which can connect to PC to get synchronous graph, and also can reserve, print, analysis and so on.
Technical Specifications
1. load limit: 5kg (soft fruit)/ 20kg (hard fruit)
2. load resolution: 0.001kg/0.01kg
3. Accuracy: ±0.5%
4. unit: N, kg, lb
5. interface: RS-232-USB
6. Battery: Ni-Hi 7.2V 1800mAh
7. power supply: Input110~240V 50-60Hz 200mA Output9.4V 600mA
9. sensor: high precision sensor
10. working temperature: 5℃~35℃
11. transporting temperature: -10℃~60℃
12. comparative humidity: 15%~80%RH
13. working environment: No shaking and no causticity
14. Pressure Diameter: 3.5mm 8mm 11mm
15. Pressure Depth: 10mm
16. weight: 1.5kgs
17. Dimension: L245*W66*H36mm