Holiday Detector DJ-9

Type DJ-9 holiday detector is a high-voltage special detector that is used to detect the quality of metal anti-corrosion coating.
This detector can detect different thickness of coatings, such as glass lining, glass reinforced plastic, epoxy coal tar, rubber lining and so on. The detector will emit bright sparks and with sound alarm when something is wrong with the coating, such as the emergence of pinhole, air bubbles, fissures and cracks. As powered by Ni-MH battery, and with small size and light in weight, it is especially suitable for field operation. The detector is the essential tool used for detecting the quality of metal anti-corrosion coating and can be used widely in many industries including chemical, petroleum, rubber and ceramic, due to its sophisticated design and stable & reliable performances.
1. Applicable detection thickness: 0.05~10mm
2. Output High-voltage: 0.6kv~30kv (stepless and continually adjustable)
3. Leakage points showed
4. Direct indication of output high-voltage
5. Battery:12V/2800mA
6. Power consumption: about 6W
7. Dimension: 220x130x88mm
8. Back light
9. Instantaneous boot, and automatic shutdown
10. 3–digit LCD displays output voltage, and with all-touch panel
11. Alarm: Dual alarm with earphone and buzzer