KL-6241 Industrial Online pH/ORP Controller

3-1/2 digit LED digital display, which can display pH value, mV value, temperature value, high and low limit values of range as well as error mark..
Stable internal storage memory, parameters and other information will not be lost in case of power off.
Automatic identification of pH buffer solution, three-point calibration, which improves the measurement accuracy of the instrument.
With functions of over-limit alarm and control, data setting by touch, setting of relay acting point within all-range, and with a setting of backlash area to protect the relay from too frequent jumping around the setting point.
Transferable 4-20mA photoelectric isolated output, with transfer values corresponding to high and low limit values, that is, 4mA corresponding to low limit value and 20mA corresponding to high limit value.
pH measurement Range: 0~14 pH
Resolution: 0.02 pH
Accuracy: ±0.1 pH
Electrode pressure resistance: 0~0.6Mpa
Power supply: AC 220V±10%   50Hz
Distance limit of measurement: <40m (standard configuration for electrode cable: 10m). Please use pH transducer for overlong range.
Contact capacity: 3A (240V AC)
Temperature of measured solution: 0~80°C
Environment conditions: humidity: <85%/RH; no strong electro-magnetic field interference except earth magnetic field
Manual temperature compensation: 0~99ºC
Outline dimensions: 96x96x120mm (height x width x depth)  instrument panel hole: 92x92mm
Installation mode: jam-in