KX-ZB Banknote Binder

Banknote Binder KX-ZB

KX-ZB Full-auto Currency Binder is a technological product electromechanical integration, which adopts advanced computer-control technique and realizes full-auto high-speed paper-bard binding. The binder is easy to operate and has high efficiency, low cost and nice binding effect. It is an ideal currency binder for financial sections and big marketplaces.
Full-auto high-speed money binding
Micro-computer control, easy to operate
Thermal-pressure binding which results in beautiful appearance and tight effect.
Adjustable binding position of paper bands.
Model: KX-ZB (hand wheel type) with adjustable binding position of paper bands.
Specification: The distance between central point of binding paper-band and shorter side of note: 47-83mm
Applicable paper bands: DET 20 x 180 paper bands made by our company
Binding speed: once every two seconds
Electric supply: 220V/50Hz,110V/60Hz.
Power: Max: 80W, inactive: 20W
Weight: about 10kg
External Size: 295 x 20 x 56 (length x Width x Height)