Lab pH and Stirrer Combo AMT10

Lab pH and,Stirrer Comb AMT10


Large screen, LCD display, dual parameter, Automatic buffer recognition and two-point calibration.
1. Measuring range: pH: -2.00~19.99pH; mV: -1999~1999mV (ORP Probe optional)
2. Resolution: pH: 0.01pH; mV:1mV
3. Accuracy: pH: ±0.01pH; mV: ±0.1%FS
4. Input impedance>=1×1012Ω
5. Stability: ±(0.01pH ± 1byte)/3h
6. Manual Temperture Compensation: 0.0~60.0°C
7. Stir range: 0-1500RPM
8. Dimension: 210×320×90mm
9. Weight: 2kg
10. pH Sensor order number AMT10P