1. FULL-CIRCLE MANUAL POLARIMETER: LWXG-4 manual polarimeter is ideal for determining concentration levels of samples for applications in the medical, educational, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries etc.
2. Easy Measurement: The polarimeter with 589.44nm monochromatic sodium lamp. After powered on, the polarized light beam is immediately project on filter, polarizer etc. You can view the visual fields of brightness or shade through eyepiece.
Rotate the vernier knob till the visual field to equal brightness. (Zero point) 
Put the sample tube in measuring field chamber. Rotate the vernier knob again, you can view equal brightness. Read the scale from magnifier that is measured value.

Purity Measurement:
The polarimeter is ideal for determining purity of sample. If you want to know its purity, you need only measure its the angle of rotation and calculate it.
Concentration Measurement:
For some substance of known specific optical rotation, you can measure its the angle of rotation and calculate concentration according to formula.
International Sugar Scale:
According to international sugar scale, put the 26g pure sugar in solution, The angle of rotation of solution is 34.626o. By the rules, you can calculate the purity of sugar.
What’s included:
100/200mm tube, Sodium lamp.
Specific Optical Rotation Measurement:
Specific optical rotation is constant of substance,  you can measure it by 100mm glass tube when temperature of solution at 20oC.


1. Measurement Range: -180˚ ~ +180˚
2. Scale Value: 1˚
3. Vernier: 0.05˚
4. Magnifier: 3x
5. Light Source: Sodium Lamp
6. Wavelength: 589.44nm
7. Tube Length: up to 200mm
8. Stable Time: 10 minutes
9. Power Requirements: 220VAC/50Hz
10. Dimensions: 500(L)mm×135(W)mm×330(H)mm
11. Weight: 5kg