MiniS Dry Bath Incubator

Dry Bath Incubator MiniS

MiniS incubator is a new product which is controlled by micro-computer. This incubator is used widely in sample preservation and reaction, DNA amplification, electrophoresis pred generated, blood coagulation and etc.
Before starting up this incubator for the first time, please read the rest of this operation manual.



Power supply DC12V
Power 15W
Average power consumption 5W
Temperature range RT+5℃ ~ 80℃
 Timing range 1h~999h/1min ~ 999min/1sec  999sec(optional)
Accuracy of the temperature ≤± 0.5℃
Display accuracy   0.1℃
Heating time (from 20℃ to 80℃) ≤20min
Ambient temperature 5℃ ~ 35℃
Dimensions(W×D×H) 99×135×34mm
Weight 0.5 kg