MS-088 Mini Magnetic Stirrer

MS-088 Mini Magnetic Stirrer
1. Compact design; Easy to handle, these lightweight and compact stirrers need little room and are quickly recognizable on busy benches
2. Adjustable stirring speed functions: flexible speed adjustment, using control buttons, multi-speed
3. Timing mixing function: 4 files regular time (30,60,90 minutes and without timer)
4. 25 degrees Celsius reminder function: Connect the temperature sensor, the measured solution reaches 25 degrees Celsius, the automatic alarm to remind the user can perform the corresponding operation
5. AC-DC, a battery low voltage alarm function.
6. It can be carry and field use.
7. Configuring strut and the electrode holder, It can be as Agitation type Electrode stand to use
1. Speed Range: 0~2300 rpm
2. Maximum Stirring Capacity: 1000ml
3. Dimensions for working area: 100mm x 100mm
4. Environment: 0~50°C
5. Timing Range: 0~90 minutes
6. Maximum Operating Current: 150mA
7. Maximum Power Consumed: 0.9W
8. Installing Size: Φ16mm and Φ13mm
9. Space for up and down: 0~250mm
10. Power Supply: DC6V or 4 x 1.5V (AA Batteries)
11. Dimensions: 100 x 146 x 48 mm
12. Weight: 340g