MT-1A Portable Magnetic Particle Flaw Detector

Portable Magnetic Particle Flaw Detector MT-1A

It is widely used in the industry of aircraft manufacturing, boiler and pressure vessel, electric, oil field, shipbuilding, turbine and combustion engine parts, mine, machinery, standard parts, oil pump, vehicle parts, bridging, chemical, railway, large mechanical components, steel structure equipment etc. It mainly detects the surface detection of forging, quenching, welding, fatigue, for example, irregular workpiece of chain, crankshaft, bearing, high strength bolt, spring, forging, petrochemical pipe, valve, vane, gear, anchor chain, welding seam etc.
Measuring range : 1mm
Communication storage : USB
Working time : >4h
Main unit weight  : Main unit 0.75 KG, magnetic yoke 1.5KG(including cable line)
Total weight  : 3.25KG
Dimensions  : 100*204*36mm