Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter XRY-1C

1. The instrument is designed and made as per GB/T213 “Test Methods for Calorific Value of Coal”, GB/T384 “Test Methods for Calorific Value of Petroleum Products” and Calibration and Inspection Regulation of People’s Republic of China JJG672 “Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter”.
2. The instrument for intelligent data sampling process, computer-controlled, automatic test of combustible material calorific value of automation testing instrument, the instrument can be widely used to determine calorific value of combustible substance such as coal, oil, coke and paraffin, etc. It is the best choice of companies in the field of thermoelectricity, smelt, cement, chemical, and scientific research institutes, and institutions of higher learning.
Main technical features
1. The instrument adopts a high precision temperature sensor and a high performance A/D converter, and uses a SCM to form the temperature collection and transportation system.
2. The instrument configuration laptop, composed of a high degree of automation, easy to use, convenient and intelligent data compilation instrument.
3. The instrument is fully automated in the testing process, after the sample in place, correct input various parameters automatically without manual intervention to complete each test process; you can print measurement data directly on the A4 format printer configuration after the end of the trial.
Main technical specifications
1. temperature measurement range: 5-40 ℃
2. temperature resolution: 0.0001℃
3. RSD: ≤0.1%
4. Test period: ≤13min
5. Measurement range: 5MJ/kg~40MJ/kg
6. Accuracy: better than GB/T213 “Test Methods for Calorific Value of Coal”
7. Power supply: AC 220V±10V/ 50Hz
8. Power consumption: ≤0.2kW
9. Dimension: 610×410×490 mm (L×W×H)
10. Net weight: 55 kg