Oxygen Filler CY-1

The Oxygen Filler is specially designed to oxygenate for XRY series of oxygen bomb calorimeters. This instrument is neoteric and small. Easy to operate. It is also suitable to oxygenate for other similar oxygen bomb.
Main technical features
1. Pressure gauge: Displays oxygen bomb cylinder oxygenation pressure.
2. Inflation port: This port-based oxygenator conical outlet, an air inlet for an oxygen bomb with an oxygen charge.
3. Oxygenation handle: On the bottom, inflatable mouth down on the oxygen bullet tube inlet.
4. Bracket: The rigid structure of the stent, the built-in inflatable pipe, etc.
5. Base: When oxygen play drum base, oxygen filling oxygen play tube placed in the base.
6. Intake port: This port is the air inlet, oxygen bottle of oxygen through the valve, and then connected through the air inlet.
Main technical specifications
1. Filling pressure: ≥4MPa
2. Oxygenation pipe pressure: ≥4MPa