PDF Disposable Temperature Data Logger PDF-25 PDF-50 PDF-99

PDF Disposable Temperature Data Logger PDF-25 PDF-50 PDF-99
No software to install, read the data directly
Product Overview:
This PDF Disposable Temperature Data Logger is specifically designed for the development of cold chain industry, widely used in food, medicine, logistics, blood, chemicals, electronics and other industries. After the data recording is completed, connect the data logger with the computer USB port, without the need to install any software or drivers, temperature data logger will generate a report in PDF format automatically.
Technical Parameters:
1. Temperature range: -30°C ~ + 70°C (-22°F ~ 158°F)
2. Accuracy: ±0.5°C / 1°F
3. Resolution: 0.1°C /°F
4. Model: PDF-25  (interval time: 5 minutes)   Recording 25 days
    Model: PDF-50  (interval time: 10 minutes)  Recording 50 days
    Model: PDF-99  (interval time: 20 minutes)  Recording 99 days
5. Temperature units: °C / °F
6. Delay Start Time: 20 minutes
7. Storage time: 2 year
8. Key functions: Start / Working status
9. Display: LED (not started, recording, stop)
10. Report Type: PDF format
11. Interface: USB 2.0
12. Power Supply: 3.0V CR2032 lithium battery
13. Operating System: WIN XP / 7 /8 /10 and MAC
14. Protection: IP54
15. Dimensions: 86mm long x 28mm wide x 12mm high
16. Weight: 35g