PHS-3E Professional Lab pH Meter

1.Large screen, LCD display, dual parameter
2.Automatic buffer recognition and two-point calibration
3.Manual and automatic temperature compensation
4.Simultaneous measurement or display of pH value, temperature and mV (ORP)
1. Accuracy: 0.01
2. Measuring range: pH: -2.00~18.00pH; mV: -1999~1999mV; Temperature: 0.0~99.9ºC.
3. Resolution: pH: 0.01pH; mV: 1mV; Temperature: 0.1ºC
4. Basic Error: pH: ±0.01pH; mV: ±0.1% FS; Temperature: ±0.3ºC
5. Input impedance: >=1 x 1012Ω
6. Stability: ±0.01pH/3h
7. Temperature compensation range: Manual/Automatic 0.0~99.9ºC
8. Power supply: AC 220±22V, 50±lHz
9. Dimension: 300x200x72mm
10. Net weight: 1.5kg; Gross Weight: 2.5kg
11. Package Size: 340X270X280mm