Portable pH/mV/Temp Meter PH-220

Portable pH/mV/Temp Meter PH-220
1. Two Points Push-Button Calibration: The meter with two points calibration function, and it will display the tip of standard buffer solution, you need only immerse the electrode in standard solution and press [ENTER], then the meter will calibrate automatically.
2. Auto Recognition pH Standard Solution: In calibration, the meter will display tip automatically if you use standard solution by mistake or not by the direction.
3. Viewing of Electrode Slope: After calibration, the meter will indicate automatically
electrode slope, you can judge by the icon to replace it or not.
4. Automatic Temperature Compensation function: with temperature sensor, which can measure temperature of solution and can compensate temperature automatically.
5. Save Data: The meter can save data 50 sets. Press [SAVE], and the
meter will store current measured value automatically and serial number, date, time and other information.
6. Output Data: The data stored in meter can be sent to PC through link. You can also save measured value or print out test report via software.
1. pH Range: -2.00~16.00pH
2. pH Accuracy: ±0.01pH
3. mV Range: 0~±1999mV (ORP sensor is optional)
4. mV Accuracy: ±1mV
5. Temperature Range: 0~100.0°C or 32~212oF
6. Temperature Accuracy: ±1.0°C, ±1.8oF
7. Temperature Compensation: 0~100.0°C, 32~212oF
8. Calibration Points: 2 Points
9. pH Standard Solutions NIST, pH4.00/6.86/9.18 or USA, pH4.01/7.00/10.01
10. Memory: 50
11. Output: USB
12. Power Requirement: 9V/800mA Battery
13. Display: 4.3 inch LCD
14. Dimension: 185(L)mm×88(W)mm×32(H)mm
15. Weight: 300g