ROC-2313 RO System Conductivity Controller

RO System Conductivity Controller ROC-2313

1. Power voltage: AC 220V±15%  50Hz, Power consumption: ≤3W
2. Environment conditions: temperature: 0~50°C;  humidity: ≤85%RH
3. Measuring range: 0~200μS /cm; accuracy: 1.5 level
4. Load capacity of output contact: 3A/250V AC (the magnetic valve should be driven through intermediate relay)
5. Operation pressure of conductance cell: 0~0.5Mpa
6.Medium temperature:5~50°C
7.Temperature compensation: automatic temperature with 25°C as reference temperature
8. Distance of measuring range: less than 30m (the ex-factory configuration of electrode cable is 5m unless there is a special agreement)
9. Display mode: 3 1/2-digit LED digital display
10. Electrode selected: 1.0cm-1
11. outline dimensions: 96×96×110mm (height×width×depth)
12.meter board hole: 92×92mm (height×width)
The instrument is a combined control instrument of a reverse osmosis controller and an on-line conductivity instrument. It can perform the operation test, status control and on-line monitoring of water quality conductivity (combining PLC controller and conductivity meter). It takes multiple anti-interference measures, adopts unique process flow and graphical control panel with LED indicator lamp embedded, the interface is friendly; menu-driven operation is used, multiple groups of parameters can be set and modified, the requirements of automatic operation are met.