SG-01 Portable Multi Function Signal Generator

Portable Multi Function Signal Generator SG-01

This signal generator can measure or output multiple signals including voltage, current, TC, with LCD screen, silicone keyboard, simple operation, longer standby time, higher accuracy and programmable output. Its widely used in lab, industry local, PLC, process instrument, electric valve and many other area’s debugging.
1. Voltage signal: 0-30V; 0-25mV; 0-100mV
2. Output and measurement.
3. Current signal: Active current 0-25mA, 4-20mA, output and measurement.
4. TC (thermal couple): K, E, J, T, R, B, S output and measurement.

Parameter Signal Range Accuracy Resolution Remark
DC Voltage 20mV 0.00~24.00mV +-0.1% 0.01mV
100mV 0.00~100.00mV +-0.1% 0.1mV
V output 0.00~15.00V +-0.1% 0.01V output max current 30mA
measure 0.00~30.00V +-0.1% 0.01V measure input impedance 1.2MΩ
DC current mA 0.00~24.00mA +-0.1% 0.01V output max load 750Ω
4-20mA 4/8/12/16/20mA +-0.1% 0.01mA meas. input impedance 100Ω
Passive Current mA 0.00~24.00mA 10% 0.1V output external power 16-30V
Power output 24VLOOP 24/16V +-1% 1ºC drive current 24mA
Thermocouple K -270~1372ºC +-0.1% 1ºC output start from 0ºC
E -270~1000ºC +-0.1% 1ºC
J -210~1200ºC +-0.1% 1ºC
T -270~400ºC +-0.1% 1ºC
R -50~1768ºC +-0.1% 1ºC
B 0~1820ºC +-0.1% 1ºC
S -50~1768ºC +-0.1% 1ºC
N -270~1300ºC +-0.1% 1ºC