Syringe Filters Nylon AMNY

Nylon Syringe Filters

How to choose right Syinge Filters, read this file first.

1. Hydrophilic surface, good solvent resistance and medium protein binding
2. Filtration of all aqueous samples and most of organic solvents 
3. Mechanical stability is very strong
4. Excellent chemical compatibility with esters, bases, phenol and alcohols
5. Autoclave: sterilized by dry heat at 121°C for 15 minutes
1. Pore Size / Bubble Point(psi): 0.22μm: 46 / 0.45μm: 29
2. Filter Area(cm2): 4mm: 0.1;   13mm: 0.65;   25mm: 3.9;   33mm: 4.5
3. Burst Pressure (psi): 4mm: 75;  13mm: 100;  25mm: 100;  33mm: 100
4. Retain Volume (μl): 4mm: 8;  13mm: 30;  25mm: 120;  33mm: 140
5. Sample Volume (ml): 4mm: 2;   13mm: 6;   25mm: 70;    33mm: 90
6. Housing Material: PP (Polypropylene)
7. Connector (inlet/outlet): Female Luer Lock/Male Luer Silp

1. Packing can be adjust as requried.
2. Can supply with Glass Fiber, order code add GF

3. Other also available such as multi layer for high viscosity liquid.

Order Information:
1. Standard Quality

Size Pore Size QTY. Part No. Note
4mm 0.22μm 100/pk AMNY00422 Non Sterile
100/pk AMNY00422S Sterile
0.45μm 100/pk AMNY00445 Non Sterile
100/pk AMNY00445S Sterile
13mm 0.22μm 100/pk AMNY01322 Non Sterile
100/pk AMNY01322S Sterile
0.45μm 100/pk AMNY01345 Non Sterile
100/pk AMNY01345S Sterile
25mm 0.22μm 100/pk AMNY02522 Non Sterile
100/pk AMNY02522S Sterile
0.45μm 100/pk AMNY02545 Non Sterile
100/pk AMNY02545S Sterile
33mm 0.22μm 100/pk AMNY03322 Non Sterile
100/pk AMNY03322S Sterile
0.45μm 100/pk AMNY03345 Non Sterile
100/pk AMNY03345S Sterile

2. High Quality which can replace famous brand, white color.

Size Pore Size QTY. Part No. Note
4mm 0.22μm 100/pk AMNY00422A Non Sterile
100/pk AMNY00422AS Sterile
0.45μm 100/pk AMNY00445A Non Sterile
100/pk AMNY00445AS Sterile
13mm 0.22μm 100/pk AMNY01322A Non Sterile
100/pk AMNY01322AS Sterile
0.45μm 100/pk AMNY01345A Non Sterile
100/pk AMNY01345AS Sterile
25mm 0.22μm 100/pk AMNY02522A Non Sterile
100/pk AMNY02522AS Sterile
0.45μm 100/pk AMNY02545A Non Sterile
100/pk AMNY02545AS Sterile
33mm 0.22μm 100/pk AMNY03322A Non Sterile
100/pk AMNY03322AS Sterile
0.45μm 100/pk AMNY03345A Non Sterile
100/pk AMNY03345AS Sterile