TLD005 TLD006 TLD007 TLD008 Analog Heating Mantle with Magnetic Stirrer

It applies to colleges, petrochemical industries, medicine, and environment protection institutions for liquid heating and stirring.
1.Cold rolling sheet stretching and spraying exterior.
2.Electronic temperature regulation heating mode and magnetic stirring; with characteristics of large heating area, fast warm-up, high temperature evenness, accurate tem-control, time and cost saving.
3.Heating and stirring can proceed simultaneously; stepless speed adjustment.
Model Number TLD005 TLD006 TLD007 TLD008
Capacity 100ml 250ml 500ml 1000ml
Voltage 220V / 50Hz
Max. Temperature 380oC
Heating Power 100W 150W 250W 350W
Working Time continuous
Exterior Dimension (R x H) ф220 x 165mm ф280 x 220mm
Packaging Dimensions 230 x 210 x 195mm 280 x 280 x 275mm
Net Weight 2.5Kg 5.5Kg
Gross Weight 2.8Kg 6Kg