WGZ-2000 Bench Turbidity Meter

Bench Turbidity Meter WGZ-2000

1. The WGZ-2000 Ratio turbidity meter is used for measurement of light scatter and decay of the insoluble particles suspended in water or transparent liquids.
2. If offers quantitative analysis of particle contents.
Technical Specifications
Light source: Tungsten halogen lamp 6V, 10W
Receiving element: Silicon photocell
Measurement range NTU: 0.00-50.0; 50.1-200; 201-2000 (automatic range switchover)
Readings display: 4 digits LED display
Allowable error of indication:
a. 0-200NTU: ≤±8%
b. 201-2000NTU: ≤±6%
Zero Drift: ≤±3%FS
Stability of indication: ≤±1%FS
Repeatability: ≤2%
Sample bottle: Φ 25 mm×95 mm
Sample volume: 20 ~ 30ml
Weight (Gross): 9kg
Overall dimensions: 460 x 430 x 250mm