WYL-150A Qualitative and Quantitative Polarizing Stress Analyzer

Qualitative and Quantitative Polarizing Stress Analyzer WYL-150A

WYL-150A polarizing stress analyzer is an instrument which is used to apply the principle of polarized light interference, to inspect the stress or the birefringence effect of the glass.
The instrument is equipped with incandescent light, sodium light, sensitive film (full wave plate) and the application of 1/4 wave compensation method, so the instrument can not only according to the stress distribution and measurement of glass interference color sequence polarized field in qualitative or semi quantitative, numerical value can be measured accurately and quantitatively the internal force of glass.
The instrument can be used in optical factory, glass factory, glass factory, laboratory, to measure the stress value of optical glass, glass and other transparent materials. It is not only widely used in industrial production, but also occupies an important position in the national defense, building materials, materials science, geology and mineral resources. And, the instrument is also various institutions in particular the ideal education experimental equipment etc..
1. Optical path difference measurement range: 0~589.44nm
2. Measurement accuracy: +4nm
3. Polarization field diameter: 150mm
4. Full wave wavelength: 565nm
5. Working table rotation angle: 0-360º.
6. Value of the detection of the polarization of the film: 2º.
7. Monochromatic light wave length sodium light: 589.44nm
8. Incandescent light (halogen) 25W 12V