Zahn Viscosity Flow Cup VCD-5 Serials

Zahn Viscosity Flow Cup

Zahn Cup is a small U-shaped cup suspended from a looped wire.
This method is ideal for measuring the consistency of paints, varnishes and similar products.
Simply dip the cup into the product to be measured, lift it out and measure how long it takes for the contents to empty through the orifice.
Each cup has a 12-inch loop handle to allow the cup to be dipped by hand into a liquid container.
At the center of this handle is a finger-ring for holding the cup in a vertical position during use.
Results should be reported in Zahn-Seconds at a specified temperature for a particular cup.

1. Meet standard ASTM D4212
2. Materials: Stainless Steel
3. Volume: 44ml
4. Weight: 0.14kg
5. Size: 380 x 70 x 80mm

Order No.   Diameter Range
VCD-5A:  1#  2.0mm 5-60cSt, time for water 25~25.5s
VCD-5B:  2#  2.7mm 20-250cSt, time for water 15.5~16s
VCD-5C:  3# 3.8mm 100-800cSt, time for water 8~8.5s
VCD-5D:  4#  4.3mm 200-1200cSt, time for water 6~6.5s
VCD-5E:  5#  5.3mm 400-1800cSt, time for water 3.5~4s